Emergency Warden Training

Newport & Carisbrooke Parish Council are pleased to announce a further training session for any Newport & Carisbrooke resident wishing to become an Emergency Warden.

A great opportunity for anyone who wants to make a real positive impact in the Newport & Carisbrooke area. It would suit someone who cares about their neighbours and the wider community. It would be desirable, but not essential, that the volunteer already has a network of people they know, or is involved in groups and organisations within their neighbourhood.  

The Footprint Trust is working with Newport & Carisbrooke Parish Council to further develop their network of Emergency Wardens. The role of the Wardens is to prepare the community for extreme weather conditions.  They work in their road and ward, to identify vulnerable people, and make sure that they have the support in place in case of flooding or energy outages. 

Free training is provided, giving Wardens first aid skills and details of support available to their community. All trained wardens are insured by Newport & Carisbrooke Parish Council. The scheme covers the areas of Newport, Carisbrooke and Gunville. Each volunteer can give as much as they are able. The minimum would be an average of 2 hours per month.

For more information please ring Newport & Carisbrooke Parish Council on 559119.  





Newport takes action to protect vulnerable residents

As winter starts to set in and two hurricanes hit the UK, along with flood warnings it is important that we are all prepared for extreme weather.

Our weather has become unpredictable, and records are being broken almost every year.

Newport & Carisbrooke residents need to be “Prepared & Ready” should flooding, or other weather-related extreme conditions occur.

Newport & Carisbrooke Parish Council has teamed up with The Footprint Trust, with support from Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution, to train local people as Emergency Wardens. 

Speaking for the Parish Council, Councillor Terry Martin, who has trained as a volunteer along with Cllr John Hobart, said,

“Our local Emergency Warden volunteers will work with residents to get them prepared for extreme weather. The aim being to identify vulnerable people in their wards and give guidance to all on how to prevent flooding. Simple things like moving debris from the watercourse, or their banks at the end of the gardens, can prevent flooding. Identifying local first aiders and able bodied people who might help move furniture and possessions upstairs for local disabled people.”

Ray Harrington-Vail of the Island’s Footprint Trust said,

“We are very supportive of this project. It gives people the opportunity to really help their neighbours. We work with some of the most vulnerable people in Newport, but we know there are many others yet identified.  The Emergency Wardens, can inform energy companies about customers who would be in danger if there was an energy outage caused by flooding etc. The energy companies can then make sure that those people are assisted quickly. “

Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution welcome Newport & Carisbrooke Parish Council’s proactive approach in preparing the community for potentially severe weather. They feel the Emergency Wardens will play a key role in deploying a coordinated local response if flooding occurs, and provide an excellent support network for vulnerable residents.

Newport & Carisbrooke Parish Council already has recruited a handful of Emergency Wardens, and is now looking to add to their numbers.  A free one day training event is to be held in February, and anyone who may be interested should get in contact with the Clerk – 01983 559119 or email clerk@newportwight.org.uk for more details.

To view a guide to the Role of Community Emergency Wardens, please Click Here

Emergency Warden Scheme

Newport & Carisbrooke Parish Council, in partnership with the Footprint Trust and Natural Enterprises, are looking for volunteers to act as emergency wardens

36 Emergency Wardens will cover the 6 areas in Newport that are most vulnerable to flooding. Six of the trained Wardens will be lead wardens. The wardens will also be trained for wider emergencies to include extreme weather and utility failure.

The trained Emergency Wardens will act as local contacts, working in ward-based groups, giving guidance and assistance to their neighbours. They will also be loaned simple equipment enabling them to offer immediate assistance ahead of any requirement for the emergency services.

If you are interested and would like more information a number of informal meetings have been arranged.

Alternatively contact the Parish Clerk on 559119 or email clerk@newportwight.org.uk

Environment Agency Flood Cameras

The Environment Agency has installed three webcams in Newport – in Hunny Hill, on the Gunville Stream and at Westminster Mill – to allow easier monitoring of water levels and blockages in the culverts.

The webcams are now live and can be accessed by clicking on the links below (which takes you to an external website operated by the Meteor Data Centre team) and following the instructions:




The cameras take a picture automatically every hour night and day.

Please note that the system is designed for a maximum of ten concurrent users, so if you receive an error message when trying to access the webcam, please try again after a few minutes.

The webcam is monitored daily by the Environment Agency. If a significant blockage is identified, the Environment Agency will take action accordingly.

If you spot anything untoward and are concerned please call the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60 lines open 24 hrs.

The Environment Agency also provides a free flood warning service which you can sign up, to please go to  https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/ for more information

Further Flooding Information & Advice

Riparian Rights Explained


Riverwatch leaflet


For the Environment Agency, please Click Here

For Island Roads, please Click Here

For the Isle of Wight Council, please Click Here

For Southern Water, please Click Here

For advice from Natural Enterprise for anyone living along a natural watercourse, please Click Here.



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