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The Community Council serves seven wards, Carisbrooke, Newport Central, Newport East, Newport North, Newport South, Newport West and Parkhurst. We want to make this website a success, and hope you find it useful and informative and visit it regularly to see how we develop. If there any items you wish to discuss further, please contact the Clerk or your local Community Councillor.  

Newport is a civil parish and a county town of the Isle of Wight.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) mid-2013 population estimates the total population of the seven wards that Newport & Carisbrooke Community Council cover is 25,849.

The town is situated slightly to the north of the centre of the Island, at the head of the navigable section of the River Medina, which flows northward to the Solent, and on which the town has a quay.

There are signs of Roman settlement in the area, which was probably knGreen Town Logoown as Medina, including two known Roman villas one of which, Newport Roman Villa, is excavated and open to the public.

The town was incorporated as a borough in 1608. The town’s position as an area of trade accessible to the sea meant it rapidly took over from Carisbrooke as the main central settlement, eventually absorbing the latter as a suburb.

The borough ceased to exist in 1974 after the incorporation of the larger Borough of Medina, which was itself superseded in 1995 by a single unitary authority covering the whole of the Isle of Wight.

A member of staff will be available at Lord Louis Library every Wednesday from 10am to 12pm. 

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