Transparency Code

A new Local Government Transparency Code 2015 has been issued by  the Department of Communities and Local Government.

This Code is issued to meet the Government’s desire to place more power into citizens’ hands to increase democratic accountability and make it easier for local people to contribute to the local decision making process and help shape public services. Transparency is the foundation of local accountability and the key that gives people the tools and information they need to enable them to play a bigger role in society. The availability of data can also open new markets for local business, the voluntary and community sectors and social enterprises to run services or manage public assets.

To view the full code please Click Here

For further details of the items of the code relating to Newport PC please click the following links:

For all matters relating to our Internal Audit, please Click Here

Expenditure & Grants 2017/18
To view expenditure over £250 during 2017/18, please Click Here
To view grants and donations over £250 during 2017/18, please Click Here

Expenditure & Grants
Expenditure exceeding £250 during 2016/17
Grants and Donations 2016/17
Expenditure exceeding £250 during 2015/16
Grants & Donations 2015/16

Contracts exceeding £5,000

For older documents, please visit the Document Archive

Land and allotments held by Newport Parish Council

For all other matters relating to Newport Parish Council finances, please click on our Finance page


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