McDonald’s Community Toilet

Following on from the recent closure, due to drainage issues, of the South Street toilet facilities in Newport, the Parish Council have realised what a valued facility this is, especially for those using the bus station and library. Working in partnership with McDonald’s, Newport PC are very pleased to announce there will be a trial of a community toilet scheme for the next three months.

Members of the public will be able to use the facilities in the outlet without any need to purchase and Newport PC will be paying for servicing the toilets during the trial. McDonald’s is open from 5am to midnight, so is highly accessible and will be a clean, safe environment for residents and visitors alike. The Parish Council will continue to work with the IW Council for a resolution on the South Street block.

Newport PC still manage the Post Office Lane block, which is cleaned 3 times a day, to a much higher standard than previously and a refurbishment plan is also underway.

Cllr Jones-Evans said ‘When the IW Council had its previous consultation on community toilets many businesses were interested. So when the situation with the South Street block came apparent I decided to revisit this idea. As McDonald’s are near the bus station and open from early in the morning to late at night I think this will be a good solution. Radar key access is also available within the store’.

Steve Smith, area manager for South Coast Foods said ‘McDonald’s are always happy to support community projects and this is something we were previously interested in getting involved with. Of course people are not obliged to purchase goods when they use the facilities but should they wish to purchase a cup of coffee we will warmly welcome both residents and visitors’.

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