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Exciting New Allotment Site in Newport

We are delighted to announce that the Parish Council will soon be opening an exciting new allotment site near Pan called Pan Country Park Allotments.

Fees for this site are £50 for a full plot and £25 for a half plot.  The reduced fees are to reflect the lack of mains water available on site.

We are seeking allotment holders for the new site, so if you are interested in putting your name down on our allotment list, please contact us either by dropping in to our office at The Riverside Centre, telephone us on (01983) 559119 or email the Clerk at, supplying your name, full address and contact telephone. Priority for allotments is given to residents within the Newport parish area.

Allotment Locations

  • Castle Road
  • Field House
  • Clatterford Road
  • Millers Lane
  • Pan
  • Hillside
  • Alvington Manor Road
  • Pan Country Park

Newport & Carisbrooke Parish Council manages seven allotment sites in Newport & Carisbrooke with the eighth site, in Alvington Road Carisbrooke, managed by an allotments association.

The allotment year runs from September to August and the cost for 2017/18 is £60 per 10 rod plot, other sizes are pro-rata (e.g. £6.00 per rod). 

Please note, there is a reduced rate for plots at Pan Country Park, the cost being £50 for a full plot and £25 for a half plot.  This reduction is due to the lack of mains water available on site.

Alan Tombleson is our maintenance man and is regularly seen around the sites. For all site issues please contact him on 07580 032216.

For more information about the allotments please contact the Clerk.

If you would like to join the online ‘Allotments Isle of Wight’ Facebook page, please follow this link (please note this group is not affiliated to Newport & Carisbrooke Parish Council).



How do I rent a plot?

Contact the Clerk on (01983) 559119 or email

Is there a waiting list?

Yes, there are currently waiting lists for all of the sites, we are still accepting names – but you have to be prepared to wait! All applicants must be resident in the parish.

How big is a plot?

Plot sizes are generally 5 or 10 rods. A rod is approximately 25.29 square metres.

Rules for bonfires on the allotments

Please compost rather than burn.

Almost any non-woody plant, including many weeds, can be composted; provided that the compost generates sufficient heat. Pernicious weeds such as Japanese Knotweed and plants infected with fungal diseases like Club Root, Downey Mildew or White Rot should be burnt  (when dry) or taken to an approved tip.

Bonfire restrictions

No bonfires are permitted between 1 April to 30 September

Bonfires must not be started before 12pm and must be extinguished, if not burnt out, by dusk.

Bonfire guidelines

Prior to lighting your  bonfire, please move materials stored in autumn and winter to a new location, in order to ensure that any animals within may escape.

  • No material other than that produced on your plot is to be burnt on site.
  • Only burn when suitable weather conditions permit to avoid causing a nuisance to local residents (wind drift etc.)
  • Only organic matter such as wood, prunings and dry vegetable matter to be burnt.
  • Do not set fire to massive piles of material, it is better to start your bonfire with a medium stack and then add more material when it is very hot.
  • Non-vegetable matter such as plastic, rubber, roofing felt or bitumen, carpet, etc. shall not be burnt.  Flammable liquids such as old sump oil shall not be burnt or used to light fires.
  • Extinguish the bonfire before leaving the site – do not let the fire smoulder after you have gone.
  • Only burn on your own plot, do not light fires for others.
  • In the event of a reasonable complaint to the plotholder from another tenant, or a member of the public, with regard to a nuisance being caused the bonfire must be extinguished immediately.

Please Note:  Any violation of times or conditions will lead to termination of tenancy.

Newport & Carisbrooke Parish Council will not accept liability for any loss, damage or nuisance caused to other plots or adjacent land, nor any injury caused by bonfires.  Any such loss, damage, nuisance or injury caused will be regarded as the responsibility of the person lighting the fire.

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