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Carisbrooke Parish News – April 2020

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COVID-19 Helpline for Vulnerable Residents

A new helpline number is now available to support the Island’s most vulnerable residents affected by the coronavirus (Covid-19) self-isolation measures.

People who do not have a local network of friends or family to support them while they are self-isolating or social distancing can call (01983) 823600 (seven days a week, 9am-5pm).

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NCCC COVID-19 update

Newport Safer Neighbourhood Team – Newsletter Feb 2020

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Allotment Forum – An invitation to all allotment holders

Speedwatch – Volunteers needed

Would you like to be a SpeedWatch Volunteer?

Speeding is one of the factors that most affects the quality of life in communities around Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. It can be a factor in road traffic collisions and impacts on the day-to-day lives of people in the community. You often tell us that speeding is one of the biggest community concerns in your area and as such we want to work with you to set up a Community SpeedWatch programme. Community SpeedWatch will be co-ordinated by Hampshire Constabulary in partnership with your local council and other agencies. The scheme itself will be run by the community volunteers and be assisted by your local police neighbourhood teams.

How does it work?

SpeedWatch can only operate on roads with a speed limit of 30 mph and under. The best locations would be 20 mph zones and community and residential areas that have a 30 mph limit. Community volunteers work alongside Hampshire Constabulary officers to identify vehicles which exceed the speed limit. Details of the vehicles will be collected at the time of the alleged offence and then entered onto a database. The registered owner of the vehicle will then be sent a letter telling them that their vehicle was seen exceeding the speed limit, how it affects the local community and asking them not to do so in the future. If the same registration number is logged again within 12 months the owner will receive a warning that if the vehicle is seen speeding a third time the details will be passed to an officer who may

take further action. Commercial vehicles or vehicles that belong to companies will have a separate letter sent to the local transport manager and the roads policing unit will be made aware.

What next?

Community SpeedWatch locations will be suggested by the local community and the police but will have to be sanctioned by Hampshire Constabulary’s safer roads officers. A risk assessment of the location will have to be done before activity can take place. Volunteers must be aged at least 17 years and each scheme needs a minimum of six volunteers. Keen applicants will need to complete an application form. Specialist training will be given to volunteers and any local travelling or out of pocket expenses will be covered. Community volunteers working on the roadside will be given use of high visibility jackets, and equipment to monitor speed and record vehicle details. Volunteers will be covered under Hampshire Constabulary’s public liability insurance for roadside working.

Still interested?

For more information about joining a scheme, the equipment we use or becoming a volunteer visit our website, contact your local neighbourhood police officer or e-mail your local Citizens in Policing Co-Ordinator


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